Prime Yield’s range of activity includes:

  • Tangible assets (property and movable), such as residential, offices, stores, warehouses, industrial plants, urban sites, rustic sites, property developments, machinery and equipment
  • Intangible assets, such as brands, know-how, patent or formulas.

Prime Yield delivers valuation services in the following areas:

  • Property valuations for Property for mortgage lending purposes;
  • Sites’ valuations
  • Development project’s valuations
  • Property Portfolios’ valuations
  • Valuations of property allocated to business operations;
  • Valuations of property allocated to companies, according to IAS/IFRS – International Accounting Standard
  • Industrial machinery and equipment’s valuations
  • Companies’ valuations
  • Art Works’ valuations

Prime Yield Departments work in the following areas:

  • Residential – Apartments, single-family houses, townhouses, garages,
  • Commercial – Offices, warehouses, retail parks, stores, gas stations,
  • Leisure – Hotels, theme parks, golf courses,
  • Health – Hospital, practices, care housing,
  • Land – Urban an rustic sites

Regarding property valuations services, Prime Yield uses and applies methods derived from official Regulations in each country where it operates, as well as RICS standards, which regulates property valuation for Investment Funds, namely:

  • Comparative Principle
  • Profit Principle
  • Cost Principle

When valuating property development projects, Prime Yield uses the alternatives analysis, based on the Highest and Best Use criteria through the Residual Principle.

What is the purpose of valuations?

  • Acquisition /Sale
  • Lending
  • Mortgage security
  • Accounting
  • Company Management
  • Insurance companies reserves
  • Asset Management
  • Investment Analysis
  • Portfolios Revaluation
  • Rental reviews
  • Administrative Management
  • Tax Consultancy
  • Inheritance division

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